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Photo by Levon Biss ©: Orchid Cuckoo Bee (Exaerete frontalis)


The insect portraits of Levon Biss
From the collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Extended until 30 December, 2017

The photo exhibition 'Microsculpture' displays insects in a way that you have never experienced them before. When an insect is photographed through a microscope, only a very small part of the animal can be in focus. But if you are patient and dedicated like the British photographer Levon Biss, thousands of such microscopic images can be gathered into one photograph, where the entire body of the insect is in sharp focus. Each of the 30 huge insect portraits in Microsculpture is thus created from approx. 8,000 individual photographs. Combined with a precise and often individual illumination of each image, it provides a unique insight into the complexity and hidden beauty of insects.

We easily become fascinated when a small insect settles on the terrace table on a hot summer day. The forms and colours of the animal are eye-catching, but we also get a sense that a lot of details are hidden from us. Normally, it requires an optical microscope to study an insect's fine and complex body structure, but now the photo exhibition 'Microsculpture – the insect portraits of Levon Biss' gives us the opportunity to get up close and reveals to us what is otherwise hidden from the naked eye.

The largest of Levon's portraits measure two times three meters and zooms in on even the tiny hairs that make some insects able to grip on to smooth surfaces, carry pollen or detect movements. On other insects we see scales that reflect the light in all the colours of the rainbow.

Microsculpture is a unique exhibition that presents insects like never before. The clarity and detail in the three metre prints brings normally unseen beauty to the audience, allowing them to study these stunning creatures in minute detail. The exhibition provides unique visual experience and celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

For more please go to microsculpture.net...

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