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Dinosaur Families

Ever since science made the first fossil findings of dinosaurs and their eggs, we have been deeply fascinated by these prehistoric animals. Movies and books are filled with different notions of how the dinosaurs looked, how they lived as a family, and, not least, what we would do if one day we were standing face to face with one. The starting point of Dinosaur Families is the enormous attraction of the dinosaurs. In the exhibition you can experience rare reconstructions of dinosaur families, their eggs and nests, amazing pictures of the Spanish-Mexican illustrator Luis Rey - and of course real dinosaur eggs.

The first dinosaurs occurred between 243 and 231 million years ago. All dinosaur groups except one, the birds, died 66 million years ago as a result of extreme volcanic activity and a major asteroid impact. Therefore it's not by chance that much of our knowledge about the dinosaurs originates from their eggs. And the story in Dinosaur Families begins with the egg.