Film & Drawing Studio

In the exhibition Dinosaur Families at the Geological Museum there are continuously being showed two short films produced by the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

  • The Boy and the Dragon Tooth
  • The Gift from Indiana Jones

Both films have danish speak but are shown with english subtitles.

The film showing is free when the entrance to the museum has been paid.

The Boy and the Dragon Tooth

The boy Alfred finds a giant tooth from a prehistoric animal and brings it to the Zoological Museum of Denmark. Here he meets one of the museum's experts, and together they try to solve the mystery - what animal does the tooth come from? The film takes you on a historical journey, where you will meet dinosaurs and other prehistoric giants. 

Playing times: Tuesday-sunday 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM, at every whole and half hour.

Duration: 18 minutes.

The Gift from Indiana Jones

In this mini documentary the museum director and professor Peter C. Kjærgaard tells the unbelivable story about, how some of the first dinosaur eggs that were found in 1923, ended up in the hands of a danish prince. The fossilized egg shells were given as a gift to the prince by Roy Chapman Andrews, an explorer who reportedly were the inspiration for the movie character Indiana Jones. The egg shells are displayed in the exhibition Dinosaur Families.

Playing times: Tuesday-sunday 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM, two times every hour after the showing of The Boy and the Dragon Tooth.

Duration: 6 minutes.

Dino drawing studio

Have fun with colouring dinosaur drawings by the world famous dinosaur illustrator Luis Reys – or draw your own dinosaur.

Join the fun at the drawing table in exhibition Dinosaur Families at the Geological Museum.

Foto: Archaeopteryx, Wikipedia