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Geological Museum Shop

The new shop at the Geological Museum offers an exciting selection of quality products, and is located in one of the museum's beautiful, newly renovated premises overlooking the Botanical Garden.

Here you will be tempted by everything from classic fossils, gem stones and minerals, to beautiful botanical and zoological prints, stylish bags and purses made of vegan leather, luxurious soy candles, exclusive jewellery, as well as fun games and activities for children. Everything in the store has been carefully selected based on sustainability and inspiration from nature, and the selection will also reflect the themes of the current special exhibitions.

Tickets for the exhibitions are also purchased in the museum shop.

Selected products from the shop

            • Moon puzzle

              Assemble your own moon puzzle and go explore the surface of the moon. The puzzle consist of 100 pieces and is for space fans of all ages. The completed puzzle measures 2.5 feet (75 centimeters) across and features a NASA photography.

              Price: DKK 179

            • Meteorite for your own collection

              It is believed by scientists that meteorites descends from the creation of our solar system, and are therefore an exciting part of our history. You can now add an iron meteorite, which struck the Earth at around 4,000-6,000 years ago (Campo del Ciela, Argentina), to your own collection.

              Price: DKK 449

            • Indian design

              When the Indian designer Ambar Pariddi Sahai launched Mine of Design, it was with a belief that certain stones hold the power to heal, which influenced her choice of material. This collections uses amethyst and onyx among other stones in a combination with 18-karat gold-plated brass.


            • Handmade boxes with gemstone lids

              The handmade boxes have lids made of the gemstone agate, which makes every box unique. You can for instance use the box for decoration, as a jewellery box or maybe give it as a gift. They are available in different sizes.

              Price: from DKK 599

            • Pottery with stardust

              Beautiful plates with gold rim and stars. The plates are a collaboration between the Dutch ceramic artist Anouk Kramer and &Klevering, who have created ceramics together to make Anouk’s creations accessible for everyone.

              Price: DKK 149 (large plate) / DKK 119 (medium plate) / DKK 55 (small plate)

            • Quazi jewellery

              Quazi is jewellery made in Swaziland in South Africa by women, who through the Quazi project have found work with good salary and work conditions. The colorful jewellery is made of local recycled paper and the necklaces of broken recycled glass.

              Price: from DKK 110

            • Botanical jewellery

              The designer Michael Michaud makes his jewellery in a unique way - he uses real leaves and flowers as part of his jewellery making process to make the beautiful botanical features come to life.

              Price: from DKK 365