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flora danica exhibitionall things strange and beautifulFlora Danica exhibitionall things strange and beautiful

The Museum Exhibitions

NB - Large parts of the Geological Musem will be under renovation in January. Therefore it will only be possible to visit the following exhibitions:
The Mineral Collection, Geology of Denmark, All things strange and beautiful, and parts of The Solar System exhibition.
It is therefore the last chance to visit the Microsculpture exhibition and the Flora Danica exhibition. These exhibitions will all close the 30th of december 2017. As a compensation there will be free admission at the Geological Museum throughout the month of January.
We apologize in advance for the construction mess and are returning with a new special exhibition in February, which you can look forward to. 
The opening hours of the museum are as usual. 

The many exhibitions of the Geological Museum relate the importance of geology in all details, large and small. From the beginning of the Universe and the Earth, through the origin and evolution of life, and the economic basis of modern society.

The smallest components of rocks and raw materials are explained in the mineral exhibitions. In the "Solar system" we tell the story of the origin of the Universe and how our own planet literally formed from star dust.

The very same forces have had crucial influence on the origin of Life and its continued evolution - and in turn, Life has changed the surface of the Earth. Two of evolution's greatest success stories - the dinosaurs and Man - are shown in their respective exhibitions.

In the exhibitions on the geology of Denmark and Greenland, we throw light on the many-faceted geological evolution of the two countries through billions of years. Deposits and fossils create glimpses of distant pasts, where climate, environment and geography were very different from today's.

Distant geologic events which took place millions of years ago have crucial influence on the exploitation of underground resources today. The long history of mining is reflected by the museum's unique collection of 200-year-old models for teaching mining practice. In the oil and gas exhibition we relate the geologic and historical background for oil extraction in the North Sea, which is of great importance to Danish economy.

Please find map and opening hours under how to find us.